Mountain Biking in Castle Rock State Park? Engage!

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Date(s) - 12/30/2019 - 12/31/2019
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[Events Page Editor: Larry Watson is not the author but rather an Events editor.  This post was submitted by a group of unidentified but concerned neighbors within, adjacent to, or near CRSP that feel this is a matter of great, long-term concern.  Please share your thoughts or comments by replying at the bottom.]


Castle Rock State Park (CRSP) is considering several Change-in-Use (CIU) requests to allow mountain bikes on previously designated hiking and/or equestrian trails in CRSP including the northern most trailhead for the Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail and the Saratoga Toll Road.

These CIU’s, allowing mountain bikes on existing trails, is both highly requested and contentious. These changes are inconsistent with the CRSP General Plan approved in 2000, which was created with extensive neighborhood support, to guide management of the Park for the future.

Vital voices in this debate are those in the local community who wish to preserve the hiking trails as they were designed in the CRSP General Plan. If you are a hiker or equestrian who wishes to preserve the Skyline-to-the-Sea Trail and other park trails, and/or live within or adjacent to the park, you are encouraged to participate. The sooner you give your input the earlier your opinions will be factored into the decision-making process.


Castle Rock State Park Encourages the local community to submit comments, questions or concerns as they consider these changes! Please submit them in an email to with the title “Castle Rock Road and Trail Management Plan.” by February 1, 2020



The California State Parks officials in Sacramento are developing a Castle Rock State Park (CRSP) “Road and Trail Management Plan” (RTMP) for the park’s system of roads and trails. In this planning, they are evaluating one or more Change-in-Use (CIU) applications along with other items such as new and improved trailheads, trails, and roads, to allow mountain bikes on most or perhaps all trails within CRSP.


Castle Rock State Park has hosted two forums to solicit input from the community and other interested parties in the greater area on trail management. A Castle Rock Road and Trail Management Plan Open House was conducted on 1/29/19 at the Saratoga Fire House. A wide range of trail users’ input was received at this meeting.


CRSP also hosted a smaller Stakeholder Workshop at the Henry Cowell Mountain Store on 8/15/19. The Stakeholder Workshop was focused on the road and trail management plan as it relates to the potential trail change-in-use (CIU). The workshop participants included groups and individuals representing different types of trail use, mountain bikers, equestrians, local landowners, and state park staff to facilitate a manageable, focused meeting to brainstorm different ideas.


The information obtained from this meeting, along with public comments, trail evaluations, and park staff input, will be used to evaluate CIU requests.  Once a preliminary determination has been made for each request, there will be an additional opportunity for the public to comment prior to the final approval of any CIU request.


More information on the background, process, comments, actions taken to date, etc., can be found on You can see the General Plan and the beautiful maps at


California State Parks (CSP) is seeking additional focused input regarding this subject, both pros and cons and will be making recommendations for review in the February/March timeframe.


Please take this important opportunity to make your voice heard, whatever your perspective. Submit comments in email to with the title “Castle Rock Road and Trail Management Plan”.

To find ways you can take action on this issue check the Castle Rock websites (cited above) for the latest information. When SSA receives new information it will be reported in the Skylines and on the Community Events section of the SSA website: Thank you!

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