! Member Statistics 2017-05-18

2017 May 18

We are changing to a PDF format for membership reports  Click the link below -

Membership Report 2017-05-18

2017 April 13

2017 January 10

2016 September 22


2016 May 11

2016-05-11 1047 Member stats

Reference: select distinct YEAR(`members`.`Auto-EOT Date`) AS `Membership Year`,
count(*) AS `All Members`, count(`Regular`) AS 'Regular Members'
from `members`
((`members`.`Role` = 's2member_level1') or (`members`.`Role` = 's2member_level2'))
group by YEAR(`members`.`Auto-EOT Date`);

2016 April 10

2015-04 stats

See 2016 March below for more information

Reference: select distinct `members`.`Auto-EOT Date` AS `Auto-EOT Date`, count(*) AS `All Members`, count(`Regular`) AS 'Regular Members' from `members` where(((`members`.`Role` = 's2member_level1') or (`members`.`Role` = 's2member_level2')) AND `Auto-EOT Date`IS NOT NULL) group by `members`.`Auto-EOT Date`;


2016 March 10

The real time display of the current number of members is available on the website's Dashboard.  Only a small number of people have this access. The screenshot below was captured on March 10, 2016 at 10:11 am.

Dashboard member count

Also on March 10, 2016 at 10:11 am, a download of the membership (users) database was downloaded as a CSV file to Larry's laptop.  The file includes 3,588 users. Free Subscribers are lapsed memberships. Further analysis must be done on the client computer at this time.  The details are not included here but MySQL and phpMyAdmin are used.

What is a member?

The "Role" must be 'Member' or 'Board Member' and NOT a "test" member.

What is a current member?

The "Auto-EOT Date" value must be December 31 of the current, or a future year.

What is a current regular member?

The "Regular" value must be 1 or TRUE.

The total, including 679 delinquents for 2016, is 1,678.

New member applications added to the database from September 8, 2015 to March 5, 2016:
 Form Entry Days


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