All residents living or who own property within the South Skyline Association boundaries (see map on "Contacts" page) are encouraged to join. However anyone regardless of where they live are eligible to join.  Members who live within the boundaries as defined in our Bylaws of the South Skyline Association are considered "Regular" members with voting rights and may serve on the Board.  Those living outside our boundaries but who have an interest in the area may join as "Associate" non-voting members.

All members receive multiple benefits including the Skylines quarterly newsletter, attendance at quarterly general meetings, and participation in SPUG, a propane program (check first with your propane provider to make sure they serve your address.)

Annual renewal dues of $20.00 are payable in January of each year.  If you join after January, dues are NOT prorated and benefits will expire at the end of every year.  Donations to SSA in excess of the dues are always appreciated.  Simply add the amount you wish to donate to the $20.00 dues amount when you pay.

Pay online easily anytime by selecting one of the buttons below.  Online payment can be made via PayPal or credit card.  You will be first asked to pay via PayPal.  If you prefer to pay by credit card, hit the No Thanks button when asked to pay via PayPal and you will be directed to the credit card options.

Renewing? You may renew below anytime without logging in using only the email address you provided when you first joined.  However we strongly encourage you to log in to review and update your profile as needed each year to ensure we have your current contact information and propane supplier.  If your membership has lapsed and you want to renew, use the "Renew" button.  If  not sure which email address you originally provided, contact

Joining? To join first make your dues payment via PayPal or credit card.  After you complete your payment you will be taken to a registration page to create your member profile. DO NOT close down our website after only making payment or your account will not be created.  After registering, you will be sent an email with a link allowing you to create a password.  Please create a password as you must log in if you want to change any information submitted in your registration page.  After payment and registration are complete we contact your propane provider and copy you  to alert them to your membership.

Updating your profile? For security reasons you must first log in  to see your registration profile. To log in enter your email and enter or create a password. To create a password, click on the Lost Your Password link and follow the instructions. If you have not provided SSA with your email, you will need to contact with your email address.

Prefer to pay by check?  Download and mail the completed Membership Application (click here) to the address on the form along with a $20.00 check for the annual dues payable to "South Skyline Association" and mail to 400 Skyline Boulevard, La Honda, CA 94020.

If you have EVER been a member, use the renew button. DO NOT use the "Join" as you are already in the database and it will fail. 


Want to Donate to an SSA supported Organization or Volunteer with SSA?

To donate to the organizations supported by SSA you can now donate directly to them via their websites.  To see a list of these organizations and get to their websites simply click on the Donate/Volunteer link on our HomePage.

To volunteer on one of the many SSA committees and programs also use the Donate/Volunteer link to see a list of ways you can volunteer and whom to contact.

Still have questions about membership? Contact or call 650-917-9648.