Revised SSA Bylaws

For the last few months, the SSA Board of Directors has been updating the bylaws. It has been years since the board has taken a hard look at all our rules and processes which might need updating and clarification. The reasons for the proposed changes are:

• Update the boundaries of the SSA membership area.
• Clarify existing bylaws and processes.
• Improve formatting.
• Reduce the number of members on the board of directors to assist in the difficulty of recruiting enough volunteers to achieve a full board.
• Add new processes that reflect the current needs of using electronic methods of communicating and decision-making.

All changes to bylaws require the approval of the membership by a vote at a general meeting. Only voting members can vote, associate members cannot vote. A voting member is a resident who lives within the defined South Skyline area (see area description in the bylaws below) and has paid the annual dues. A family or group residing at one address may constitute a single membership. The vote will be held at the general meeting on January 27. The board is required to publish the changes before the general meeting so that the voting members have an opportunity to review, ask questions or make comments before or during the January general meeting. The modified bylaws are published below.

Revised Bylaws

Bylaws-tracked-changes - pdf version

Bylaws-tracked-changes - Word version

Existing-bylaws - pdf version

Existing-bylaws - Word version