Skyline Historical Society

An independent, non-profit, tax-exempt organization

Board of the Skyline Historical Society

President:  Chuck Schoppe 408-867-9229   email Chuck Schoppe
Vice President:  Janet Schwind
Secretary:   Betsy Moore
Treasurer:  Ann Waldhauer
Researcher & Writer:  Janet Schwind 831-425-3845 email Jan Schwind
Other Board members:  Carolyn Guenther, Eric Isacson, Cliff Jenkins, Lynne Penek-Holden, Dick Schwind, Linda Stinchfield, Ruth Waldhauer

What is the purpose of the Skyline Historical Society?

The Skyline Historical Society was formed in 1982 to research, preserve, and disseminate history of the South Skyline region of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

What is the South Skyline region?

The South Skyline region includes parts of three counties: San Mateo, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara. The area runs along Skyline Boulevard in the vicinity of  Route 84 in the north to Bear Creek Road in the south and for a few miles along feeder roads such asHighway 84, Old La Honda Road, Page Mill/Alpine Roads, Highway 9, and Black Road. It does not include the town of La Honda.

What does the SHS do?

The current focus of the SHS is on the writing and publishing of a high quality book on the history of the South Skyline region. The scope of the publication is broad: from the Ohlone Indians through the present day commuters and hikers. The emphasis is on human history, but also includes some information on the natural environment. There will be a number of historic photos and maps to illustrate the text. Information is being gleaned from a variety of sources, among them, interviews, public records, library and museum archives, old newspapers, as well as other local history publications. As of April 2014, the book has been written, edited, and formatted. Negotiations with printers are underway.

Chapters in The South Skyline Story 

1.  Native People, Spanish Colonizers, and Californios

2. The Timber Cutters

3.  The Road Builders

4.  Claiming the Land: A Legacy of Names

5.  Life on the Ranch

6.  Lords of the Hill

7.  Movers of the Motor Age

8. The Boulevard Builders

9. War and Peace on Skyline

10. Commuters and Communities

11. Communes and Creativity

12. The Conservationists

13. Legacy of the Land

14. What Might Have Been


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