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Donations to SSA Supported Organizations

These SSA Supported Organizations are dedicated to improving the safety, livability, and environmental health of our South Skyline area and are supported by the South Skyline Association thru grants and volunteer efforts.Please consider making a financial contribution to these organizations as they rely on donations and grants for their operations and directly benefit your quality More . . .

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  Want to Donate to an SSA supported Organization or Volunteer with SSA? To donate to the organizations supported by SSA you can now donate directly to them via their websites.  To see a list of these organizations and get to their websites simply click on the Donate/Volunteer link on our HomePage. To volunteer on one of the More . . .

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South Skyline Association (SSA) fosters a sense of community spirit, keeps residents informed of public agency actions and other issues of concern in the South Skyline sphere of influence, protects the rights and represents the interests of those in our area, and engages in various projects to enhance the unique South Skyline environment. South Skyline More . . .


All residents living or who own property within the South Skyline Association boundaries (see map on “About” page) are encouraged to join. However anyone regardless of where they live are eligible to join.  Members who live within the boundaries as defined in our Bylaws of the South Skyline Association are considered “Regular” members with voting rights and More . . .

Skylines April 2014

General Meeting – Waterwise Gardening  – Friday, April 25, 2014 at 7:00 pm Thomas Fogarty Winery

Skyline Fire & Rescue Pancake Breakfast Sunday, May 25th from 8am–11am  Saratoga Summit Fire Station

Free Chipping Program

Mountain Neighbors Helping Neighbors – a new organization

A Hike in Fremont Older OSP

State Parks Update

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