The South Skyline Story” – a  fascinating biography of our scenic Skyline region.

“This book introduces the various waves of people who left the comfort of the ‘flatlands’ to succumb to the lore of the mountain, explains why they came, and the legacies they left behind.”

– Janet Schwind, author, Skyline Historical Society 

Upon opening the book you will follow the paths of the native Ohlone peoples; experience the rugged life in the logging camps, mills and ranches.  Learn how the crude trails, dusty ranch and private roads of the ridge properties through four different counties were connected by the building of the boulevard, in spite of the daunting impediments of politics and financial difficulties.Moving at a lively pace the book covers the various activities of timber harvesting,  the search for oil, recreation, and agriculture, followed later by the development of communes, communities and organizations.  It will provide great insight into the history of the area we call “home”.

Get your copy by contacting Skyline History President Chuck Schoppe, email: chuck_sch@hotmail.com or phone: 408-867-9229. Your cost: Book $24.95, tax $2.25. Add $9.30 for priority mail shipping, for a total of $36.50.  
Don’t forget—the holiday season will be here before you know. This book would make a great addition to the library of anyone who loves our Skyline area.


A reader’s comments:

“I’ve already pored over the book (couldn’t wait).  It’s simply wonderful . . . comprehensive, logically laid out, a pleasure for the eyes, just full of interesting stories.  It is simply splendid!” 

– John Harriman, Las Cumbres resident and local realtor